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The first edition of the Red Rose Magazine appeared in December 1921, written by senior boys at 'The Woodlands'. For most of its school life through to 1979, it was produced each term, providing news of people, events, competition winners and society activities. The final edition was in July 1979 and from 1980 “The Georgian” became the College magazine on an annual basis. Change to check
The Old Georgians has had an annual newsletter since the early 1960s. In 1991 it was proposed that the newsletter be renamed to the Red Rose and the first edition under the new name was issued in 1992.

The current edition covers a wide range of items, including news of Old Georgians, Obituaries, items of memorabilia, correspondence, College matters, and details of the Annual Dinner, as well as a Calendar of events for the coming year.

All past issues of the magazine are kept in King George V College Library and are available for reading there. In addition, there is a commemorative book, published in 1970, marking the Golden Jubilee of King George V School.

The Red Rose relies heavily upon contributions from Old Georgians, who are encouraged to send in their news to:
The Red Rose Editor,c/o KGV College - phone 07969 889843.
Alternatively, material may be sent via the contact form here.